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Question: Is there anything wrong with eating chilies?

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: No, it suits some people very much. Some people should have, those who suffer from colds will be a good idea, (who) suffer from constipation is a good idea. But don’t eat too much of anything. But it’s good for some people, something is good for some people, you have to just find out. For people who get constipated it is better to have a little of green chilies all the time, it is very rich in vitamin C, is good for people who catch colds very easily.
(Workshop, Sydney, Australia, 29/3/81)

"But little chilies are very good, because you see of your constitution, I think little chilies will help you, because normally people get constipation if you don’t take chilies. Indians never suffer from this disease, because they have always a little chilies in their food, little chilies all right, then develop a little taste for chilies, is all right, it cleanses you and it has vitamin C also in it. So it’s quite good for colds and things."
(Shri Mataji talking to western Sahaja yogis, India tour, 1/12/88)

"One should reduce the intake of chilies. Maharashtrians eat too much chilies."
(Shri Mataji talking to Indian Sahaja yogis, Pratisthan, Pune, 11/03/93)

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