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My idea of coming to Pandharpur for Shiv Puja was this: that Shiva represents the Spirit, and the Spirit is residing in all of you in your hearts. The seat of Sadashiva is on top of your head but is reflected in your heart. Now, your brain is the Vitthala. So to bring Spirit to your brain means enlightenment of your brain. Enlightenment of your brain means the limited capacity of your brain has to become unlimited, in its capacity to realize God. I will not use the word understand – to realize God - how powerful He is, how miraculous He is, how great He is. The another is that the brain of man can create, of course out of the dead; but when the Spirit comes into brain, then you create living things, living work of Kundalini. Even the dead start behaving like living, because you touch the Spirit in the dead.

Like the nucleus inside every atom or a molecule has the Spirit of that molecule. And if you become your Spirit - we can say the brain of a molecule and an atom is like the nucleus, body of the nucleus. But the one that controls the nucleus is the Spirit that resides within the nucleus. So now you have got the attention or the body - the whole body of the atom, then the nucleus, and inside the nucleus is the Spirit. In the same way - we have this body, the attention of the body, and then we have the nucleus - is the brain, and the Spirit is in the heart. So the brain is controlled through the Spirit. How? That around the heart there are seven auras which can be multiplied into any number, seven raised to power sixteen hundred, which are the ones which watch the seven chakras, raised to power sixteen thousand.

Now this Spirit is watching through this aura. Watching, I am again saying “watching” through this aura. This aura is watching the behavior of your seven centers in your brain. Is also watching all the nerves that are working in the brain - “watching”, again. But when you bring the Spirit into your brain, then you go two steps ahead, because when your Kundalini rises, She touches the Sadashiva and Sadashiva informs the Spirit. Informs in the sense - reflects in the Spirit. So that's the first state where the watching auras start communicating through your different chakras in the brain and integrating it. But when you bring your Spirit to your brain this is the second state. Then you really become self-realized, in the full way, in the full way, because then your Self, that is the Spirit, becomes your brain. Action is very dynamic, it opens then, the fifth dimension in the human being.

First when your become realized, collectively conscious, and start raising the Kundalini, you are in, you cross the fourth dimension. But when your Spirit comes into your brain, then you become the fifth dimension - means, you become the doer. Our brain, now, for example says, "All right, lift this thing up." So you touch it with your hand, you lift it up. You are the doer. But when the brain becomes the Spirit, the Spirit is the doer, and when Spirit is the doer, then you become a complete Shiva - self-realized.

In that state, if you get angry, you are not attached. You are not an attached person to anything whatsoever. If you possess anything, you are not attached. You cannot attach, because Spirit is detachment, complete detachment. You don't bother about any attachments whatsoever. Even for a second, you are not attached. Now I would say, to understand the detachment of Spirit, we should study ourselves very well, clearly. How are we attached? We are attached, firstly, by our brain, mostly by our brain, because all our conditionings are in our brain and all our ego is also in our brain. So all emotional attachments are through our brain and all our egoistical attachments also are through our brain. That's why it is said that after Realization one must try to practice the Shiva Tattwa by practicing detachment. Now how do you practice this detachment?

Because we get attached to something, of course through our brain, but through our attention. So we try to do what we call chitta nirodh, is to control your attention. Where is it going? In the practice of Sahaja Yoga, if you have to rise higher you have to improve your own instrument and not the instrument of others. This is one thing one should know, for definite. Now, you just watch your attention. Where is it going. Watch yourself. As soon as you’ll start watching yourself, your attention, you’ll become more identified with your Spirit. Because if you have to watch your attention, you will have to be your Spirit, otherwise how will you watch it? ...

The detachment is to be watched and seen through your own attachments. Now, because you are realized souls, not yet the Spirit, has not come into your brain of course, but still you are realized souls. So what you can do is at least to watch your attention, you can do that. You can watch your attention very clearly by seeing where your attention is going. And then, controlling your attention, also, you can do. Very simple. To control your attention you have to just remove your attention from this to that. Try to change your priorities, all this has to be done now, after Realization - a complete detachment.

So the body demands comfort, try to make body uncomfortable a little bit, try. What you think it to be comfortable, try to make it little uncomfortable. That's why people went to Himalayas. You see, coming to this place itself has caused us lot of problems. So going to Himalayas - you can imagine. So after Realization they used to take their body to Himalayas, "All right, go through all this. Let's see how you act." So what you call the penance side starts now. In a way, it's a penance which you can do very easily because now you are realized souls. With enjoyment, little, try to make this body. ...

So it is the ocean that is the Spirit, while your brain is limited. So the detachment from your limited brain has to be brought in. All limitations of brain should be broken so that when this ocean fills that brain it should break that little cup, and every bit of that cup should become colorful. The whole atmosphere, everything, whatever you locate, should be colorful. Color of the Spirit is the light of the Spirit and this light of the Spirit acts, works, thinks, coordinates, does everything.

This is the reason today I decided to bring Shiva Tattwa to the brain. The first procedure is to take your brain towards the Shiva Tattwa by telling it, "See where are you going, Mr. Brain? Putting attention to this, putting attention to that, getting involved! Now detach, become the brain yourself. Only the brain. Detach, Detach."

And then, take this detached brain, completely filled with the color of the Spirit. It will automatically happen. As long as you'll have these limitations to your attention, it will not happen. So one has to really, deliberately do this tapasya. Every individual. I'm with you, so you don't need any puja that way. But that state has to be achieved, and for achieving that state, you need the puja.

I hope so many of you will become the Shiva tattwas in my lifetime. But don't think I'm asking you to suffer. There is no suffering in this kind of an ascent. If you understand that this is the complete joyous state, that is the time when you become Niranand. That's the joy named in the Sahastrara, the name of the joy is Niranand, and you know your Mother's name is Nira. So you become Niranand.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shivaratri Puja 1984, Pandharpur, India

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