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Sahaja Yoga and Japan

"Shri Mataji talked to us when we were offering Her the national gift from Japan. She said that she had been to Japan in the 70`s twice and that she felt the islands were very beautiful. But she said with a sweet smile the food is not so good and that they should take more of Indian food. She said the silk in Japan is of a very high quality. They should export more to other countries and get more money to flourish the country. Also she talked about the culture and art. She said the culture and art are very good in Japan but the people can not appreciate them. At last She was asking if the war is over. Hitoshi said, "There is no more war in Japan, Shri Mataji." Shri Mataji was nodding with such a motherly smile. We both felt that the influence of the prehistoric world war will end now. We offered Shri Mataji the lacquer bowl and the album of our collective. She was looking at every picture and the vibrations were very strong when she looked at each one. Such a blessing it was for Japan."

(Japanese Sahaja yogini describing meeting with Shri Mataji after Shri Ganesha Puja 2008)

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