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Australian Indigenous Health Expo

It has long been the desire of many yogis in the Australian collective that the divine gift of realisation be shared with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. This wish materialised last Friday at the Lilydale Showgrounds as Sahaja Yoga was invited to give realisation at the Yarra Valley Indigenous Health Expo.
This unique opportunity was brought to fruition through the special efforts of Yarra Valley family worker and dedicated yogini, Detchema, whose pure love and desire to spread Sahaj resulted in a breakthrough achieved via contacts she has cultivated from her work caring for the disadvantaged members of her community. Thank you also to the Melbourne collective, who put their love and attention on the issue with many bandhans.
The event itself was the first of its kind and it's fair to say that it could have been a little better organised and advertised. This factor in combination with some heavy afternoon rain resulted in a relatively smaller turn out than hoped for. However, in spite of this, over fifty people received their realisation, many among them being members of the local Aboriginal community. Some of these are actively involved with Indigenous community organisations with contacts to Elders and other representatives of Indigenous Victoria.
All who received their realisation thoroughly enjoyed the experience and strongly related to the concept of spiritual healing, something we all agree, is much needed between indigenous and non indigenous Australia, and is particularly relevant following the long awaited Apology offered by the Federal Government.
Many thanks to the irrepressible Birsen, the always dapper Amara, John Noyce and of course Detchema, by whose dedicated efforts this event was made possible.
Some small seeds were planted in the Indigenous soil of the Yarra Valley and in the words of Aboriginal singer/song writer Archie Roach - "From little things, big things grow." (Simon)

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Susi B said...

What a beautiful expression of Pure Love, reaching deep into the maya of separation to open the hearts of our indigenous brothers and sisters of this great land, and to share with descendants of ancient cultures a passport to ascent on their glorious journey to awareness.