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Dolls & Feeling Vibrations

Like you see some children like to cuddle a little doll. They feel the doll but God knows how far they feel it. They might be feeling it physically or emotionally also they might be feeling some sort of a security with the doll maybe. Psychologically they might be deriving some joy out of that doll itself or maybe the image which has some sort of a attraction of some sort of a thing that is built within their unconscious that they feel so close to that.

But a person who is a realized soul does not feel a doll that way even if it's a child. It's surprising. You must watch a realized child getting to a doll it's very surprising. For example I brought two dolls from London for my grandchildren and they rejected completely. They said: 'What sort of dolls these are?' I said: 'Why?' 'They are unhappy.' I said: 'They are not unhappy.' 'No, see their lips.' You see the lips of the dolls here is all just like a duck's beak you see. They said: 'They have resentment. They are angry. They are not realized.' That's it! If you are a happy person the whole get up of your face changes and they could see, they could feel it, they rejected: 'We don't want these dolls.' And then next time when I had to go, I had to go round the whole places. First of all the plastics, the plastics they don't like. They don't like plastics. Somehow realized people don't like plastics, automatically. They wouldn't wear plastic clothes, they wouldn't wear nylon clothes, they wouldn't wear mixed clothes. Very difficult. They must have cotton clothes. Even if they have one they'll wear that the whole day, morning, evening, every time the same thing.

You see it's a different sensitivity which we do not have before realization. They have a different sensitivity and the coefficients of a doll which emits vibrations they like, but it's very difficult to get such dolls nowadays. Impossible, because where are these artists who were realized souls who used to make dolls? I have seen them make their own dolls out of something, sometimes my saris they will use or something and sleep with those.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from talk at Hampstead, London, "When are we going to grow?", 10/06/82

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