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Effect of Vibrated Water on Animals

"After having had great success with the experiment on vibrated water and its effect on different sorts of plants, we felt encouraged to start a new experiment with vibrated water, this time to research its effect on animals. After all, the plant, animal and human kingdoms are made up from the same elements to begin with, originating all from the Mother Earth.

To implement this idea we made a test with a group of pigs to study the effect of vibrated water on the animals' weight-increase. For this experiment we chose a farm in Austria for pig-breeding and pig-fattening. ... The automated drinking-system supplied to one of the stalls vibrated water, the other two stalls were supplied with normal drinking water.

Result: The test group of pigs being supplied with vibrated water shows about 15% weight gain to the other two control groups. From this result it was clear, that vibrated water has a very positive influence on the weight gain of animals."

extracts from Dr.Hamid Mylany, 'The Effect of Vibrated Water on Animals' (Vienna, Austria, 1988)

editor's note: we have recently received a number of requests for information on Sahaj research in agriculture. We would be pleased to receive abstracts of more recent research.

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clpatel said...

It is the supreme gift of Shri Mataji that we have been given self-realization. And became aware of the Divine vibrations which is the source of all living being. Human beings, animals and plants etc all get their nourishments from the Divine Love of God which are these vibrations.Shri Mataji has said in one of Her lecture sometime that She is the main emitting force of these Divine vibrations.She is the embodiment of pure Love which we have known in our awareness. So it is very necessary to use this gift of God for the benevolence and nourishments of life on this Mother Earth.This type of experiments must be conducted everywhere by Sahaja yogis in the world and avoid artificial methods of producing hybrid types of corn and vegetables harmful to the existence of life.i thank you and all those sahajayogis who are deeply involved in following Shri Mataji's teachings.We can change the world with love and make it a beautiful place to live.

jai Shri Mataji