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You cannot artificially say you are a realized soul, you cannot, even if you say. There was a girl. I met her in Portugal, mischievous one, and she wanted to stick on with the Sahaja yogis because she was very negative and she wanted to disturb Sahaja yogis. She came to the program and she told me: ‘Oh I am feeling very well Mother. I am feeling vibrations.’ I just looked at her. I kept quiet because I knew she was not. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to create a trouble but second day when she turned up I said: ‘Why are you telling me lies?’ ‘No! No! No!’ I said: ‘Yes! You are telling me lies.'

You have to be sensible. What are you going to gain? Say you are mischievous you are playing into the hands of negative forces, what is your gain? You are the Spirit. The Spirit is within you. You have to become the Spirit. Is your own joy. Is your own property. Is your own Self, which is not known to you. Why not be honest about it and get to it instead of playing tricks with yourself and then playing tricks with other Sahaja yogis? What’s the use? What is the gain? Why are you playing in the hands of satanic force? Why don’t you play into the hands of the Divine Force?’ She said: ‘No! No! Mother I am feeling it.’ I said: ‘See don’t tell me lies. I know for definite you are not feeling it and if you are not going to be honest you are not going to come to My program at all. You have to be honest yourself. If you are not honest I am not going to have you here.’

But dishonesty sometimes reaches a very absurd limit because honesty is only up to which point you can see. Say, you can see the color is white. Alright, up to that you are honest. But if you start saying: ‘I know who has painted it.’ and: ‘I know who had done the job.’ and: ‘I know who’s the company and all that.’ that’s not true. So honesty is up to the point you know. Beyond that, if you start saying things because you have read somewhere something or you have heard something, that’s wrong, that’s not being honest. So we have to have honesty and open-mindedness. You have to be open-minded and honest so that you see for yourself, because as I told you it’s not like other places where you can just go and become members. Nothing. First you have to get your realization. Secondly you have to grow into it. Those who cannot do will be left out. You can’t help it. How far can you go with people? How far can you tell them? You see there’s no binding force. You are completely free to leave it or to take it. If you want to take it,well and good. If you don’t want to take it no one is going to force you at all in this because you cannot force. You can force a horse to eat. That is possible. But you cannot force any human being to be a realized soul. You cannot. Not only that he has to ask for it but he has to later on work for it. It’s a tremendous thing you are asking for and it’s the greatest thing that you are achieving. It is made easy I should say, the times are such. It looks easy but it’s not so easy. In Sahaja Yoga there are more dropouts than sticking people. Naturally, because you have to be honest.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from talk at Hampstead, London, "When are we going to grow?", 10/06/82

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