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The Sunflowers at Pratisthan

Comments by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

In Sahaja Yoga, you take the ordinary seeds and you vibrate them. If you vibrate them, then what happens that you start getting seeds which are even better than hybrid. I tried an experiment with a sunflower; so I developed a sunflower about 2 kilo weight, about one foot diameter and such big, big seeds, that you can’t make them out to be sunflower seeds, so the collective was so amazed at it and they felt that this kind of seed will solve all of our oil problem.
(Shri Ganesha Puja, Madrid, Spain, 6/11/87)

Material development is much faster and in balance when you get Self Realization. These vibrations help agriculture very much. We have a scientist, Dr. Hamid, in Austria, who has experimented with vibrations and has found out that even non-hybrid seeds give you greater than hybrid seeds. In my own field I sowed about 60 kilos of rice in one acre of land. And they told me: “It’s a special rice. It won’t grow here.” But it turned out to be 1700 kilos. One of the best rices. And even the sunflower was so big, two feet diameter. You could not lift; one person could not lift. Giving oil six to ten times more!
(Press Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 25/7/90)

If people are saintly they will be always protected by Mother Earth. She will always try to give them whatever they want. You can see in the minute way, that supposing now, in our Cabella here, the roses are of such a big size, such a big size roses, you won’t find such big size in the whole world but we have here, such big ones. In Pratisthan we had flowers of sunflower so big as that. One man could not lift it. Now, how is it all this is happening in particular places? It is the Mother Earth who knows who is living here, who is walking on Her back we should say, or on Her soil, because Mother Earth understands vibrations.
(Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, Italy, 25/5/97)

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Abhijit Shetti said...

Hope such kind of extra ordinary effects on agriculture front can be produced with Sahaja Yoga tools that can be supported by MS technology.

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