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Beauty and the Artist

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: But to a person who is a realized soul in a real way, he doesn’t see, I mean, you don’t smell anything dirty. You always smell something good. You never smell, you do not think of anything dirty. Everywhere you go, it’s beautiful. Even if you see just the sand, you see the pattern. Even if you see a barren hill ...

I saw some people who had gone I said, “Look at the beauty of these hills, in Maharashtra.”

They said, "Mother, what is the beauty? It’s not covered with trees."

I said, “That's the beauty, just see the patterns.”

They couldn’t see the patterns that I was seeing. But if you ask me, "What is this hill?” I also know that. Because I know the patterns of all the hills, how it has moved, how it has made patterns and things like that.

Because they don’t see that, you see, they cannot see the beauty because they are looking out for defects. Or relatively, you see, "English trees are better than say X, Y, Z trees. So then this is not better." The relative they start. But you are at absolute point, you are getting the absolute of everything. Everything is your own. What is there to judge?

Sahaja yogi: Mother, perhaps you can see the beauty because you are the artist.

Shri Mataji: I am the artist and I am the art. But what about you? Who are you? You are the one who is created, and you can create, and you can become the artist.

That’s what I am saying: that you are not only the light, but the light that will give light to others. And also you will sustain that light which you have given light. This is the difference now, between you and other people. Not that only you will be the artist, but you'll enjoy the art of the artist. This is what you have got, you don’t know, you are not aware of your powers. It’s a dynamic thing which has happened to you, which you should take to.

(Q+A session, London, 6/8/82)

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