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Shri Lalita Chakra and Shri Chakra

It’s a remarkable thing how this Shri Chakra is here and how they have made the complete calculation of Shri Chakra. I met a scientist in Russia, in Moscow, who has done a research, very much big research on this Shri Chakra. Now, so we have Shri Chakra on the right side, on the left-hand side we have Lalita Chakra, so all the things that we do with hands after Realization are worked through, on the right-hand side, Shri Chakra, on the left-hand side, Lalita Chakra. Now how it works is a very complicated thing, but we don’t have to worry about that. As soon as you put your hand on somebody, the chakra knows how to work it out. It works by itself, as if it is a built-in mechanism within us, which knows what sort of vibrations to be given to a particular person for a particular cause, or a particular purpose. If that person has certain defects also, these chakras know what is to be emitted, how to work it out.
So it is not that we have the Kundalini awakening only, these chakras are awakened, we also have these two chakras awakened within us because of Kundalini.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolapur, Maharashtra, 21/12/90

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Devarshi said...

Feb. 4th 1983, Delhi, Talk on Sahasrara :

« Our head is like a coconut. The coconut has the hair, and then a hard nut and then a black covering and inside is white shell of coconut and inside is the space, the water.. In the same way, our brain is made. That’s why coconut is called as Shri Phala, is the fruit of the Power that is Shri. Shri power is a right side power.and the left side power is the Lalita power. So we have two Chakras : left side here is the Lalita and right side, here, is the Shri Chakra. These two Chakras are working out the right side Mahasaraswati’s Power and left side Mahakali’s Powers. Now, the central Power is the Kundalini that has to rise and penetrate into different Chakras, enter into the limbic area and enlightened the seven Pithas of the seven Chakras. So it penetrates through six Chakras, enters into the limbic area, enlightens all the seven Pithas in the brain which are places along the midline of the limbic area. (…) So, all the six centers are combining to make the seventh center. This is a very important point which we should know. Now, the Shri Chakra is the right side working and the Lalita Chakra is the left side working. So, when the Kundalini doesn’t rise, then we do with our right side, our physical and mental activities, so our brain is doing right side activity, and that’s why our brain is like Shri Phal. Sahasrara is actually is the assemblage of the six Chakra and is a hollow space. On the sides of it there are one thousand nadis and when the light penetrates into the limbic area, then the enlightenment of these Nadis takes place and you can see them as flames, very gentle flames burning. (…)”