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The Gnostics

The enlightened people were called as Gnostics. This comes from the Sanskrit word Gna which means knowledge. But knowledge does not mean what one knows through the brain, because brain or intelligence takes one to rationality, which has no wisdom behind it. Rationality can take one anywhere, can justify anything, as it is not absolute. So one has to go beyond rationality, develop higher senses of Divinity by which one can understand the real problems, and the actual solutions of all these problems.
(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahaja Yoga (1990), pp21-22)

They faced such problems, these Gnostics, that the people started calling them heretics, and also said, “This is blasphemy”. ... You can imagine what was the situation, that time, to talk about knowledge, or about reality. But today it’s not so; we can openly talk about it. Nobody can arrest us for that, and nobody can say that we are blasphemy, or doing blasphemy, or heretics. They may say, but they cannot charge us with that. We cannot be arrested, because the Church is not that strong now, thank God.
(Talk during Music Night, India Tour, Alibag, 29/12/91)

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