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The Muslim Jesus

Jesus said,
A person can bring forth only what is within him.

(`Abdallah ibn Qutayba, `Uyun, 2.370)

Jesus said,
Place your treasures in heaven, for the heart of a person is where his treasure is.

(Ahmad ibn Hanbal, al-Zuhd, 313)

Note: The Muslim tradition reveres Jesus as a prophet. His sayings are found scattered throughout Arabic works on ethics, popular devotion in Islam, Sufi mysticism, collections of wisdom, and the histories of Muslim prophets and saints. Dates for these sources range from 8th to 12th centuries. Many of these sayings echo the Christian gospels, canonical and non-canonical, but not all. Most are deeply ascetic: the Syriac Christian tradition would have been the form of Christianity most well-known to early Muslims.
(based on a posting on The Forbidden Gospels Blog)

The Muslim Jesus (book)

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