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Recently there's been a near epidemic of yogis reproducing material from the Sahaj A-Z project without linking to or acknowledging the source. This dents the enthusiasm more than somewhat, especially when it happens repeatedly.
So the appearance of a link to, and appreciation of Sahaj A-Z on the Sahaja Yoga Blog has revitalised this researcher! We all like a little praise - its human nature!

And whilst I'm blogging I'd like to thank Cyro and his team (Português), Brenda (Español), and Serge and his team(Français) for their continuing translations.

Thanks also to those who have participated in the discussions in the Sahaj A-Z Forum where collective research has produced some interesting conclusions on a number of themes.

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Cyro said...

Sahaj A-Z Português must extend thanks to all brazilian yogis and yoginis that contribute with translation and revision.