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Advice on (not) watching the Eclipse

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"A pregnant woman should never see the eclipse of the sun or the moon, because if they see the sun eclipse, they’ll have physical problems. The children will be born with hands like this, feet like that. And if they see the lunar eclipse, the moon’s eclipse, then they will have mental problems."
(Talk at Le Raincy, France, 17/8/87)

"The handicapped children are mostly created because the mothers do not know what is to be done during pregnancy. Say, if you see an eclipse during pregnancy you will get a handicapped child. If you see a setting sun during pregnancy for long period of times, then you will get children whose eyes that are very weak. ..."
(Public Program, Rome, Italy, 29/4/82)

"Now one has to realize that you have to become subtler. Then again the question, “How to become?” How to become subtler is the problem. For example, today, there was a question of having a puja in the morning time – today. They said that there is a Suryagrahana, means the eclipse of the sun and if today is such a great date, that if you do the worship or the puja you get blessings of thousands of such pujas on an eclipse day of the sun. Now, if you look at it, it looks very fine, good, yes it’s true, it is written in the astrological survey and all that - is a very great thing, and we start following it. You being Sahaja yogis, you must attack it from a subtler point. That is how your wisdom will also become subtler; your attitude also will become subtler. To attack such a question from subtle point of view, we have to first of all know that we are Sahaja yogis. No technique is needed, just see your vibrations on this question, to begin with - it’s very simple. Subtler things are the simpler things; gross things are complicated - it is very simple, very simple equation. Simple thing is to feel the vibrations on this point – whether today’s puja, is it really worth something or not. You’ll be amazed that your right side will become hot on this point."
(Talk: 'Open your Heart', Lonavala, India, 25/1/82)

"You saw the eclipse? No. That’s good. The moon was under eclipse, you see, when we were coming. And I gave, was giving it a bandhan. When the eclipse was over then only we reached here. Thank God. And you didn’t see it. I’m very happy."
(Talk at Ram Das Temple, Satara, India, 30/12/82)

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