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Mana and Prana

We have got Prana and Mana. Now Prana represents the right side and the Mana Shakti is the left side. These two have to be dissolved. Laya means to disolve. How do we do it? To dissolve these two things, they are connected with each other, after realization and not before.

So before meditation we give ourselves a balance, alright! Which side is more, which side is less, at that time. Supposing you are emotionally that time disturbed then you put your right to the left. If you are that time disturbed on the left side, I mean, disturbed in the sense that your left side is frozen then you raise your left side and give yourself a balance before meditation. So once you have given yourself a balance then the best thing is to pay attention to your emotions, to Mana Shakti, watch them. You can enlighten your emotions, by thinking of your Mother, alright? Just enlighten them. See, which solve the problem. Whatever are the problems in the Mana, alright? So once you get connected, with those emotions, and you start looking at them in your meditation, you will see these emotions are rising, within you, and if you try to put these emotions on your Mother, as they said at the lotus feet of your Mother, they will start also dissolving, those emotions and they will become, sort of eh..expanded, expanse, you see. You will extend that in such a way that you will feel you are in control of these emotions, you are in control of them. And by controlling those emotions which are expanded, enlightened are powerful. And these emotions when you feel that way, mean, the cause of those emotions can be solved. ...

Mmm, see, you settle down. Valaya take place between your Prana and your Mana. Both the Shaktis become one. Now at this stage when you are silent, now you think of your intellect. It's lost. Just think of it, it's lost, it's no more there. So what's happening, actually that this Laya the attention goes into the intellect, and enlightens the intellect. Ah, see the thought is not there, try to find your intellect within yourself. Now see, see where is my intellect, try to find it. It's not there. It's not working. Again try it. It is working. But it has become the Samashti, it's become the collective now. Ah! See now, did you follow that. There is no thought. This exercise will give you this thoughtless awareness, establishment of thoughtless awareness, there is no thought.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Practical Session at Bramham Court ashram, London, 29/10/81

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