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Today we have decided to have a puja of Virata in the land of Shri Krishna. As you know, in the growth of Shri Vishnu's manifestation, He comes into ten incarnations and ultimately He manifests Himself as Virat. Virat is the brain of the being which can call as God Almighty, so the whole central nervous system is worked through by Shri Krishna as Vishnu, then all this incarnations, then Shri Krishna and ultimately as Virat. This is the development of our brain and when we are worshipping Virat, we have to know that within us also we have got the manifestation of this power of Virat. That manifestation which we have we can call it as Virat if Shri Krishna is Mahavirata.
You all know about Virat much more than I can tell you today because It’s the whole, It’s the totality. And the totality of everything, if that is Virat, then that is in your brain, but reality is in your heart. So the totality you may see, you may witness, the reality is the subtlety behind it. So the brain which is not ruled by the heart, which is not nourished by the heart, is a very dangerous thing, because it creates extroversion, and such a person who is without any heart tries to do things, becomes very ruthless and can be very dangerous. It could the other way also within us; that if we allow our heart to rule us, only live with our emotions and not to use our rationality, then we can become really very dangerous people to ourselves. In the sense, we become lethargic, we become indulgent into wrong sort of things. And today what one feels that in America there's more dominance of the left side than of the right. Right side is our attention and the right side of attention is we can say is the liver of God Almighty. So now when we have to talk of the totality, when we are part and parcel of the totality and now we are awakened to that existence of ours as the part and parcel of the whole, then we have to realize to become the whole we have to do something about it. Specially in the land of Shri Krishna we have to work out this tremendous task of creating Viratas out of Sahaja Yogis.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Virata Puja, USA, 6/11/89

So thus today we have to worship Virata, he is nothing but Akbar who is Shri Krishna himself becoming Virata.
(Virata Puja, Melbourne, Australia, 10/4/91)

So this is what it is today, as it is, the situation, that: you have become part and parcel of Virata already. You have not seen the Virata (as Arjuna did), but you are part and parcel of it. You are not watching it, you are inside it. So that anymore of not watching yourself, only thing will be that, you’ll be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. Or else you better watch yourself and correct yourself and be one with the body of the Virata.
(Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella, 1991)


Devarshi said...

Some more on Virata :

"If you are not a yogi, which is of course certified by Jesus Christ, then Krishna has nothing to do with you.

So before the entry to Shri Krishna, though He is not the one who is going to judge your innocence, in the door resides Jesus Christ. When you get in, then it's all right. But to get in also is difficult because He is always throwing you out. Shri Krishna has said (...) to Jesus, "You will be the Adhara", the support of the universe." Means the innocence is the support. If that innocence is not established in you, then Shri Krishna cannot help you. He is helpless then. Because you don't become a yogi and so He is not your Ishwara anymore. When we say, Mother, the Agnya Chakra is here and He is here, all right. When you cross your Agnya Chakra, that means He is sitting here and the Virata is sitting here. So unless and until you pass your Agnya chakra properly, you can't get to Virata. And Yogeshwara is the Virata." Lord Krishna-Yogeshwara Puja, London, 15.8.1982

“So the ego and Super- ego both rise from the Vishuddhi chakra. They can be receded by the Agnya, but have to be sucked into the Vishuddhi.”
“ Now, the other things that we have to understand Shri Krishna at this stage of Sahaja Yoga, that it is the Virata Shakti that is manifesting at this time and not the Shri Krishna Shakti which was at His time. And the power that is working here is no more that of Radha or of Mary, but the Viratangana. That’s why the knowledge of Sahaja yogis is much wider than the knowledge of all the saints of ages. But it is not deeper than them. (…) So this Virata Shakti that we have to work out, gives us the sense of collective consciousness first. First, we understand it through our brain power. But the whole brain power is to be guided by the Heart, is to be watered, but in Sanskrit is a very beautiful word “Sinchan” like dewdrips, spray, with the love of God. So the integration of this brain has to take with Heart and with your liver. Then only the Virata Shakti takes another form. The weapons of killing become the weapons of forgiveness (…).”
Shri Krishna Puja, Geneva, 28.8.83

“ And this is not just a lecture but has to happen within yourself. You have to develop your collective consciousness. This is a gift of Shri Krishna, because at the brain He becomes the Virata. So now we have 3 identities within ourselves : on the heart is Shiva, in the brain is Shri Krishna, the Virata, and in the liver, Brahmadeva.”
Shri Krishna Puja, Garlate, Italy, 06.08.88

Devarshi said...

« So it’s so important that Mahalakshmi came on this earth first as Sita, then as Radha, then as Mother Mary, and that the joy of motherhood they give you. That you are protected, you are nourished, you are loved by your Mother, which is the Mahalakshmi.

Ultimately, in the brain, She becomes Viratangana. Viratangana She’s called as, means the Power of Virata.”

Mahalakshmi Puja, Barcelona, Spain, October 1rst, 1992.