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In this country, long time, much before, much before even Christ came in, people have worked with Kundalini. Your Stonehenge is nothing but the Kundalini. Vibrations have worked in this country for ages now.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Caxton Hall, London, 20/3/78

When I see your Stonehenge, I know there were people who were working on Kundalini. But the other day I met a lady who was telling me that now scientifically it has been proved that Stonehenge has no meaning. Now I said, how can they understand what is a Stonehenge, how will they understand because their awareness at this point is gross. By science you cannot understand Stonehenge, for that you have to have that new awareness by which you can feel the vibratory awareness within you, the radiation of the self.
(Public Program, Caxton Hall, London. 24/3/1980)

I went to see Stonehenge. Stonehenge is the creation of the Mother Earth. You can see the vibrations. You can feel it.
(Public Talk, Kingston-upon-Thames, England, 11/6/80)

Your Stonehenge in England, people have written so many books about it, they don’t know a word. When I went there I said these are stones which come out of the Mother Earth. They are all vibrating. You can feel it.
(Brighton, England, 19/7/80)

I went to Stonehenge. Now you all know that there’s something about Stonehenge – you know that there’s something is about them. But what about them? These are the stones which have come out of Mother Earth which are emitting vibrations and the covering of that has been done later on, some people must have … they did not understand how these stones have come out one after another so they must have used to cover it. But if they were saints they would have said that this is a stone which has got vibrations.
(Caxton Hall, London, 21/7/80)

Stonehenge is created by the Mother Earth, it has vibrations.
(Public Program, Reading, 22/6/82)

photo: October 1982

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