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When you judge others

Advice by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

When you judge others, you should know that you are judged by God. If you are judging others, God has judged you also. So in His judgment, whatever marks you give to yourself and to others are not going to be consulted at all. It is His judgment which is going to decide how far you are.
(Bordi, India, 21/1/80)

This criticizing nature comes from a terrible misunderstanding about oneself. What are we? Why should we judge anyone else? Are we paid for it? So why waste your energy in judging others, because in the realm of reality, it is all good, everything fine, everything first class. But if you are trying to see what is wrong with others, then you are not in reality.
(Sahastrara Puja 1996)


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