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Q: What about the Australians, Mother?

Shri Mataji: They are rather safe people, but they have to be deeper. They still are under a shock, I would say that they think that they are away from the whole world, separated and they have to get into deeper ways of life. They are loving people compared to other countries, no doubt, but one has to go deep down, deep down. You have to be very deep, very deep. You should know that Australia was once placed between Africa and India. I am going to Perth, the African side and then to Indian side which is Sydney and all these places. But you must not be satisfied with all the Western culture you have imbibed, the Western things you have, you are not in the West, you are in the East. Because you are not on the West, if you try to follow them, it’s just mimicry, it’s very superficial. So, not the Sahaja yogis I am saying, but otherwise, the people, Australians are very superficial people. They drink much more than the Scotland people drink, I mean in every way, they are very, very too much and that’s how they are wrong.

So they have to get to the subtler side by developing deeper understanding into the aesthetics of life, into the beauties of life, the beauties of language, all right? This is how if they go about, it would be wonderful place. English are very developed that way. They have lots of beauties, understanding of beauties, this thing, that thing. But they have become, sort of, they think they are the wisest of all, they are stupid. And they think they are the wisest. Australians, on the whole do not think they are the wisest, but they should know they can become the wisest. Because you live on superficial level, you see you think that everything should be tackled on superficial level, that’s not the point. You can be the wisest. As English could be, you could be, anybody could be. And as it is the Mooladhara, you should be the first to become the wisest. Maybe that the message of Sahaja Yoga should start more from Australia. So, go deep into yourself. Depth must be developed.

They are still very fond of the sea and the sun, this they will do all their lives, there’s no need to worry about anything like that, it’s nothing important. The sea is within you, the sun is within you, the Atma is within you, everything is within you. Try to enjoy within. Give up the idea of going to the nature for it or anywhere, it’s within yourself, it’s all within. That is what I mean that if you look at things superficially, you take it from other people, now the craze of going out is finished in England, practically people don’t move out that way. Or they don’t go to the sea also to that extent. But, still in Australia, you have to learn all that. Instead of learning the hard way, it’s better to do it in a shorter way, is to become deeper and deeper. Cut down your activities, become deeper, meditate more than going to the sea. Sea visits are bit too much I think, also the sun bathing is also too much, is all very superficial. They all have liver problems, you shouldn’t go to the sun anymore, you should actually shut all your houses and sit down inside and meditate. What a problem we have of liver.

So, do not treat any question superficially because God has given you, basically you are made of wisdom. You know, the whole soil has wisdom in it. But where is it, do you find it anywhere in Australia? It’s hard to find wise people, isn’t it? Sahaja yogis can’t talk to other Australians, poor things. The reason is, you are following other people who are not all right. Follow yourself only. Go deep down, is wisdom there, lot of wisdom. Find out yourself, because you are wisdom, you will give wisdom to the whole world, it’s all like that you know, everywhere upside down conditions. In Australia, it should be wisdom personified; they are the most unwise people. They will always support the wrong type of people in their diplomacy. I mean all sorts of unwise things they do. Why? Because they have not gone to their own depths of finding out their wisdom.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from 'Open your Heart', Lonavala, India, 25/1/82

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