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Environment - II

The state of our planet or Mother Earth is very precarious. On one side we see signs of great destruction at the hands of human beings and which are therefore our own creation. The potent idea of destruction is at work, is in human beings, but it creates destruction on the outside. This destructiveness is not necessarily very good, but blind and uncontrollable. It is this blindness and ignorance that has to be enlightened. According to the ancient Puranas of India it is precisely these dark days of Kali Yuga or modern times that are the times for en masse self realization or the age of enlightenment. ...

A pressing problem is that of the environment. The very existence of human beings is now being threatened. People have now become aware of the damage that has been done to the environment and of the depletion of the ozone layer. Why do we still have acid rain? Why do we have often disastrous climatic problems around the world? We have to find the answers to these problems. It is an extraordinary thing that in the developed world you cannot now be confident of getting proper food to eat. Every day there is a new scare about salmonella or a new product is put onto the banned food list. So, now food poisoning has become a very serious issue. What does that indicate? We have to know that this is the extreme of industrial development, by which we have become slaves of machines. Machines are created for our own use and yet we have become the victims of machines. We have to change the balance between machine-made and man-made things and take more to natural things. Machines create things like plastics, which have no natural vibrations and which are actually injurious to human beings. But, how to achieve this, is the problem. How to reduce the consumption of such useless things, like plastic, in our daily life? ...

It is people who make society and it is the society that preserves the country. So all these crazy things that come from this sort of freedom have to be brought round and cured or these countries will be ruined in no time. In my mind there is only one solution, that is, the transformation of human beings. Now this transformation is possible here and now and on a mass scale. I would like to show you on another occasion how it can be done and how to work out the emancipation of human beings, spontaneously and effectively and without paying a penny for it. Let me show you one day, how through Sahaja Yoga you can transform yourself and change the world.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Talk on the International Situation, September 1989

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