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In these modern times

In these modern times, what you know is much more important than what you do. It is such a universal awareness now because of maybe medias, because of communications, because of traveling, that a human mind knows a lot. It knows so much sometimes that its brain cannot even bear it. It is so overloaded with ideas and also the human mind is all the time anxious to grasp, absorb and retain whatever he thinks is knowledge. But he lacks discretion, so all kind of things are accumulated in his brain in the modern times, especially with the advent of all these media like television, computers. It’s not a media, but it’s quite a complicated brain again. The man had to know the technique of all these things very much. And this technique, if he understood, he could do many things, many more things than your forefathers could do.
Thus, materialism started taking its own development in the minds of people. So the curse of human beings at that time was materialism, when I felt that Sahastrara must be opened out. Before that, people were simple, innocent. They all believed in God. They never doubted. And they didn't even seek the truth. This much materialism created such a competition among human beings, such hypocrisy that people started finding out that this is not honest. Materialism is not joy-giving. You can't get peace out of materialism.
It started developing into their awareness that this is not the end of our achievement. This is not what we have to know. This is not what is going to give us joy and peace. Especially after war, this awareness started growing very much among young people. This is also because now the human awareness had reached the state of the brain. That's how they started knowing better, absorbing better and retaining better. You take a little child of today, he knows much better than you would have known when you were even twenty-five years of age, because he’s supposed to know about everything. And thus, there was no movement towards knowing what is the truth. But, as this awareness grew more and more, lots of seekers were created on this Earth. So many people who never knew they were seekers suddenly became seekers. It's a atmospheric effect, I should say. And thus, a new category of people were born, became aware that they have to find out the truth. So it was all simultaneously according to the time that Sahastrara was to be opened out. And thus this happened. For us Sahaja Yogis, of course, Sahastrara is the biggest event. Or we should say, whatever work all the incarnations have done, all the seers and saints and prophets have done, this is the culminating point.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Sahastrara Puja 1993

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