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Shri Rukmini

In Maharashtra, and specifically at the pilgrimage town of Pandharpur, Vitthala is worshipped as the Lord; and Rukmini is his consort, or power. At Pandharpur, Rukmini has her own temple. In some traditions, Vitthala (or Vithoba) is said to be derived from Vishnu, and Rukmini (or Rakhumai) is derived from Lakshmi.

Now when we have our Vishuddhi problems we have to know what are the deities on both the sides and what were their qualities which are lacking in us – that’s why we are suffering. Let’s see the right side Vishuddhi when we catch. Shri Krishna’s essence is sweetness – madhuriya. And His power was Radha. Ra is energy, dha means the one who has sustained the energy. And Her power was, She was called as Ahlada. Ahlada means joy giving qualities She had. So Shri Krishna’s qualities were that He was Yogeshwara, so He was the witness and sweetness. Now a person who shouts and screams and talks loudly and loses his temper in a very loud voice, or who speaks very loudly all the time, they all suffer from the right Vishuddhi. So one should understand that even when you have to scold somebody, you have to just say, “What are you doing? Why are you doing like this?” Otherwise “I give you, oh do like this?” Finished! Right Vishuddhi over. It’s finished now.
So for the right Vishuddhi we use the mantra of Vitthala and Rukmini, these two persons. You see it is very significant that also, because they say that there was a Pundalikaksh, one boy who was serving his parents. And his parents were sleeping, he was pressing their feet when Vitthala and His power Rukmini, they appeared in the door. But he said, “Now keep quiet. My parents are sleeping so you stay there!” So he had one brick near him which he threw and asked them, “You stay on that.” So They kept quiet, They kept quiet because they are sleeping. Now this is the thing. On the right side if you are talking loudly, if you talk too much, if you intimidate people with your talking then you catch on right Vishuddhi. So for that best is to take some rest and give some rest to your right Vishuddhi by stopping your talk. Go into mauna they say, just don’t talk. For some time if you don’t talk you will see that your Vishuddhi will be improved, your problems will be improved.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Krishna Puja 1989, England (1989-0814)

Today I think is a very great day for all of us because this place is the place of Virat, of Shri Vitthala. Is the place where Shri Vitthala appeared to a devoted son and when he asked Him that "You better stand on a brick," He stood there. And they say that He stood there waiting. Some people say that the statue that we see came out of the Mother Earth on this sand and that's what Pundalikaksh carried saying that "These are the ones who came to see me and my parents; I was busy with them, so they are standing on the same brick which I threw." Now the whole story has to be taken in a very sensible way, with the common-sense in it. That God Himself is capable of all kinds of miracles. ...
My idea of coming to Pandharpur for Shiv Puja was this: that Shiva represents the Spirit, and the Spirit is residing in all of you in your hearts. The seat of Sadashiva is on top of your head but is reflected in your heart. Now, your brain is the Vitthala. So to bring Spirit to your brain means enlightenment of your brain. Enlightenment of your brain means the limited capacity of your brain has to become unlimited, in its capacity to realize God. I will not use the word understand – to realize God - how powerful He is, how miraculous He is, how great He is.
(extract from Shivaratri Puja 1984, Pandharpur) (1984-0229)

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Shashidhar said...

Wonderful... Thank you also for the links!

Phonetically, Alhada is a better spelling for 'Alahada'...

clpatel said...

Thank you brother! and forgive me for giving an explaination on this word "Alhad" suggested by you.As i read and remember in Sanskrit the correct word is "Ahlad" as written in Sanskrit "आह्लाद" means great joy.
It will be both phoneticaly and spellingly better. Jsm ,With love and regards.

milind said...

JSMJI and thanx,I am very near from Pandharpur but didnt know that shree maa had been came to Pandharpur before.thank you for this link and all information,maa bless you.