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Diabetes and the imbalance of the subtle system

Advice by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

Another disease that people normally suffer from specially in Delhi is very common, is diabetes. Diabetes is caused because the same center, which is using its power to supply the cells the fat cells for your brain has to look after also the pancreas. Now the pancreas is the one which digests your sugars. Now if all the time you are thinking all the time you’re planning then what can the poor one center do? It cannot work out the pancreas and that’s how only the so-called educated and planners get diabetes. It’s a balancing. Because they use too much of their right side and the left side is completely frozen, what happens that all their left side problems start. The nature takes its respite. It tries to teach you through these methods. If you do not understand that you have to lead a balanced life the other problems can crop up like kidney troubles. (1981-0206)

Now, a man who thinks too much, you see, works through this center, who plans too much, thinks too much, works through this center, because this center converts the fat globules for the use of the brain when you are thinking. Now, such a man neglects other organs which are looked after by this center. The man who is a great planner will have diabetes as a disease because his left side is completely frozen, he never uses it. He becomes emotionally a dry person and he develops diabetes. (1979-0726)

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vijay_chandra_mouli said...

thank you for the post. very useful for me. :)

jai Shrimataji