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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: Now let me ask a question. Why a child will have an allergy? The doctors have to answer. Or, of course you are all doctors so you should say. Can I have the answer?

Yogi: It could be an imbalance of heat and cold in the body?

Shri Mataji: But why? Say on the chakras. You say on the chakras what will be catching. If somebody has allergies, what does it catch?

Yogi: The Left Nabhi.

Shri Mataji: Correct. Left Nabhi. Left Nabhi will catch. Now that means the mother. Because the child is not yet married so it’s the mother. That means mother must be having a left Nabhi herself and that’s why the child must catching with that allergy, so instead of punishing the child, why not cure the left Nabhi of the mother and left Nabhi of the child? Now what will you do if there’s a left Nabhi of the child? What we can do to help the child to get rid of it?

Ah, very simple. Anything that is left [side] can be taken out on the little flame. Put your right hand on the left Nabhi of the child and put your left hand to the flame and finished. ...

Yogi: Eczema?

Shri Mataji: For eczema same thing. [left side problem] Eczema is the same thing, is just like allergy, eczema same thing. But for eczema because it’s outward you can use certain things like neem ka pata and all that I’ve told you and so many things can be used on top. ...

Yogi: Why does cow’s milk make allergies and eczema worse?

Shri Mataji: Cow’s milk..

Yogi: Because it’s left side?

Shri Mataji: Left side. Cow’s milk always give you the left side because she’s the mother, and you should not have her milk, because it’s left sided. Whether it is cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, all will give allergies but if you have animals which are smaller than you like if you can drink like Mahatma Gandhi the goat’s milk then you might not have the problem.

(1986-0131 Health advice to yogis, Rahuri, India)

Q: I have had eczema for quite a long time. I’ve had it for quite a long time, [unclear] itching, almost drives a person to distraction, and it’s really hard to control.

Shri Mataji: I was telling you there is a liver problem. Are you going in for a liver treatment? And you should go on a diet. No fats, nothing, just a regular diet for liver and do that for a month. You see? Go for a liver treatment completely. [unclear] Now, liver diet is the best.

(1983-0319 Advice to Mothers, Sydney, Australia)


Draycott Court said...

I don't understand which side is affected when you have eczema.
First she said the eczema is due to the left side problem, but at the end of the conversation she said it is a liver problem which is on the right side...
Can anybody please enlighten me on this ?

John Noyce said...

Eczema is clearly a problem of the nabhi chakra on the left side.
Yes, the liver is located on the right side of the body, but a liver problem is more general, relating to the inefficient working of the body filters, the liver, the kidneys, etc. Also the attention.

Andrei Pratasenia said...

In short, it's left Nabhi and bad liver.

From my own experience:
4 monthes ago i was in Vashi. In addition to hot liver, there i've started to feel left Nabhi on the finger.
At the same time allergy started and eczema later on. With doctor we've treated Mooladhara in general, left Nabhi, Void, right Swadisthana.
So it started in Vashi and after coming back home i still had allergy and eczema, maybe for 2-3 months in general. During the peaks of allergy i've took some drugs and steroid cream according to prescription (common, not sahaj doctor).
And all that time i've felt left Nabhi, sometimes pulsation in the left Void and hot liver. So i took treatment for left Nabhi and left void (candle, matka, shoebeating, vibrated water with salt, affirmations for satisfaction and being my own teacher, reducing amount of sweets and ice-creams almost to zero) and for right Swadisthana (ice pack, cold footsoak, Hanumana Chalisa, no tea and coffee, sometimes yogurt with vibrated sugar). I remember once i took hot tea and coffee at daytime, at the evening lots of ice-cream and at night eczema started again, feeling lots of heat also..

Mother used to say, that it's left Nabhi and lethargic liver. But i felt hot liver. So as far as i understood, liver may be lethargic by the left-sided nature of a person (such person doesn't think much, he/she has big belly, lethargic by temprament - see '2000-0101 Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji, London, UK' on amruta). Or over-active organ can become lethargic (see '1982-0919 1st Public Program, Ghent - Part 4' on amruta).

Prashant said...

Dear Andrei,
Jai Shree Mataji..I m facing same problem of left nabhi and Hot lever and experiencing lot of heat at right side on lever area..your above blog is helpful for me...thanks for the same.
But i have question can we can take Liv 52 syrup or table (Ayurvedic syrup from Himalaya company which I get to know Shree Matahi recommanded is some speeches...but do not reference of exact speech...Cureently i mdoing candling on left nabhi..affirmation on Void with Guru mantra...Hanuman Chalisa and Ice Pack..some time cold water with ice...

Can i draw conclusion that there is connection between left nabhi and lever...or can u sugesst any speech reference where mother has explained connections between these chakras...

Andrei Pratasenia said...

I cannot say and it's better to find it directly in Shri Mataji lectures.
You may use, our official web site with lectures. You may search there. For example, for "liv 52" search there is one lecture in search results: Public Program Day 1, Who Does These Things, September 19th, 1982.
Good luck!