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Remember always

.. remember always that Gauri created Ganesha from Her own Vibrations.
Ganesha has no father.
And I have created you as Sahaja Yogis only by myself.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Jaisinghpur, India, April 9, 1990
(from a conversation with Rajiv Kumar)

Most religions and spiritual movements historically have had a period of debate on governance issues during and after the founding teacher's withdrawal from the world. Entwined with those governance issues is the related issue of the involvement in the movement, the sangha, of members of the teacher's family, both of the teacher's generation, and subsequent generations. Should those family members have an exalted status, over and above that of the devotees? Should they be regarded in the same way as the teacher, as Divine? If so, what should be the criteria for bestowing that Divine status. Have they given Realisation?

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