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Ajanta caves

I am happy you went and saw Ajanta caves, should show you how people were dedicated to build all that in ten centuries. They had not seen Buddha at all. Buddha never came to the south of India. Just believing in Buddha what work they did, what sacrifices, how they built it. They had to go through very difficult times because there was no water, there was no communication, nothing. And they used the stones, you must have seen there of different colors and different hues which are created by Mother Earth and when you break them inside those egg like stones you get, beautiful semi precious stones. They dissolve them into some sort of a indigenous solvent and use it for painting. And that's how the paintings are today surviving. You can't see with out lights so how they must have painted at that time? What sort of eyes they must be having? Their dedication give them this power that they could build it. They carried on for ten centuries this work.

If Sahaja Yoga can be carried for ten centuries this world would be a different place. So one has to learn that we have to dedicate. We must fully dedicate ourselves.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Puja at Paithan, India tour 1987 (1987-0111)

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