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Forty years of Sahaja Yoga

1970: "I decided to stay the night at the seashore. I was all alone and felt very good. There was no one around to say a word. And then in meditation, I felt that the time had arrived when the Sahastrara must be opened."

1980: "I am telling you these things because you are deserving. And in that condition, you must understand that this is a great privilege that I am telling you all these things. I am giving you the key."

1990: "All these years, I have been waiting for this day. We have now the twenty-first Sahastrara Day, so is a very important turning point. As you know, every twenty-first day we change our calendars as far as the horoscope is concerned. And so now a new change has to come and you can see the announcement – a new understanding, an awareness of a very new dimension."

2000: "My vision is too great for one life. I want a global Realization. I want people all over the world to have Realization."

2008: "I have done my best and I think I won’t be able to do this again. It is not my old age, but I want to give you a complete freedom to spread Sahaja Yoga.... Use it for the betterment of people."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

with thanks to Divine Cool Breeze magazine

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