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The Power of Love

Of course, as I told you this morning that there is a mechanism, there is a method, there is an engineering behind all these lines charged by switching off and on of one switch. There is a light which works automatically when you push a button. But that does not mean there is no engineering, there is no mechanism. There is a mechanism, a complicated mechanism of God which works on the Power of Love. Can you think of Power of Love that thinks, which is wisdom? You cannot imagine such a power that thinks, which is wisdom itself. Can you think of electricity that can think, which can control its light automatically according to the need I want to have, which can think. This is the power which is within ourselves which thinks, regulates our being, growth, evolution. That is the power we are going to harvest. That is the power we are going to be one with. That is the power which is going to get us that integration of the vibration which has created all this universe which exists even in the molecules and atoms, with our awareness. This is the power which I call as Kundalini which is kept in your being absolutely waiting for the day when you can receive the blessings of the personality who knows the job, who is love Herself. That is the day it is going to rise automatically, it is going to work out.

This is written in our books. Even if you read Bible you find it is said: "I will appear before you like tongues of flames." That is nothing but the centers, the chakras. They really look like tongues of flames. Specially the Sahastrara looks like tongues of flames.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk in New Delhi, March 1975


drvamsikurra said...

jsm ji soo beautiful as ever--but i think its tongues of flame not tons .
plz make the change if possible

John Noyce said...

yes of course. I should have spotted that!