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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

I have to tell you the truth again. Homosexuality is not a sin, but is ignorance. When you get possessed. I have cured many people who suffer from it. I have seen a man gets possessed by a woman. And then he behaves like that. I had never heard of such a thing in my lifetime. Only in the West it is more. I used to think from where it has come … It is absurd, it is unnatural, it is nonsense. It so happened in Greece, I was there. One of the Sahaja Yogis who had arranged my program, told me that there is a television, but the man who will interview is the chairman of the gay people. I said, all right, doesnt matter. But … when he was interviewing … I just forgot that he is the chairman of that. I just forgot, automatically. And the poor fellow, he asked me many nice questions, he was quite intelligent and then he said, “But what do you say if a man has feelings for another man or a woman has a feeling for another woman? I had forgotten that he was the chairman, so I said that “It is absurd. It is unnatural. When you get possessed only it happens like that.” He said “Really?” “Yes”, I said, “it happens like that.” “So, do you correct these things with Sahaja Yoga?” “Yes, it gets corrected with Sahaja Yoga, no doubt.” But men are easy, they are very easy, they take to really a proper, normal life. But women are difficult, because they mentally, something goes wrong, they find it difficult. “So, the men are all right?” ”Yes, yes they are cured.” “Oh, so there’s some hope.” I couldn’t understand why he is saying so. Actually, he was wanting to get out of it, he was the chairman of this nonsense. And when I asked them about how they got it, it is really a possession.
(Public Program at the United Nations, New York, 1993-1004)

Journalist: So are you saying then that homosexuality is a negative thing?
Shri Mataji: No, it is unnatural.
Interviewer: Unnatural?
Shri Mataji: It is not natural. The thing is when they get homosexual, it is because of the forced conditions. For example, say, you see, if they see the women are too dominating, it’s difficult to carry on with them, they are not any more women, there are more men, you see, so they prefer men who are womanish sort of thing, it’s a mixture. The society is quite mixed up.
Or also can be possible sometimes a man can be possessed by a woman and she might – he might behave like that. It’s a complicated personality.
(Press Conference, Los Angeles, 1983-0923)

Audience: What do you think of homosexuality?
Shri Mataji: Will you beat me if I say something? First guarantee that, then I’ll tell you. It is not natural, my child. Homosexuality is not natural. But unnatural things we do in a natural way many a times. The reason is this: Homosexuality, when I came ten years back, was not known to people much. A little bit here and there. The reason it became very dominant is because firstly, I personally think, the women were dominating, they were trying to out beat them. (…) We couldn’t understand what is happening to the men and to the women, the men becoming women and women becoming men. It was a horrid stuff. As it is it was homosexuality because they were not of different sexes left. So men took to homosexuality as a matter of convenience.
(Public Program, San Francisco, 1983-0928)

Its a possession, homosexuality is a possession. Just a possession. And if you're cured you become very normal. Over-sexuality is also possession and non-sexuality is also possession. These are all abnormal things.
(Press Interview, Vienna, 1988-0608)

Audience: You were reported to have said homosexuals have problems with their brain.

Shri Mataji: Oh that point. Just be seated. I'll explain to you. You see, now in this work I have been working for twenty-two years all right, and I didn't know this homosexual business at all, because in India we don't have this much. I mean at least if they have, is secret. We have never known, I have never even heard it I never, on my ears and all my time in India I never did. First time I came to know about it in London I must confess that I was quite ignorant about it to that such a thing exists, all right? Then people started coming to me who were homosexuals, and they told me their problems, and I felt that there's a kind of a possession on them, and that's why the brain is under some pressure. But if that possession is removed, then they become very normal.

Audience: [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: Just a minute. Yes that's my experience I'm saying. That's my experience. Just a minute. Just a minute. That pressure is definitely there in the hypothalamus no doubt. But it is also in a possession it happens. Because you see it was a thing I had to discover it was what sort of a thing it is. I'd never known a thing. I must admit I didn't know this thing. Even in medical college we never learnt in India, we didn't know what it was like. All right so, this thing is there, with this kind of a thing and because I have tried with people. ... I stayed in London I saw all these things.

[refering to an early Sahaja yogini] So then I tried to study her because she started wearing dress like a man and all that, and the relationship between the husband and wife was very strained. So I tried to study her because also she was Indian. I told her: "You tell me everything frankly what has happened and all that. So she said "I don't know but suddenly one day I started feeling that I should be like a man, and I wanted to be friendly with women, not with men," I said: "Really?" "Yes suddenly it has happened to me, and now I cannot get over it. Its just that feeling and I dont know how to explain to my husband. Its just I dont want to have a man I want to have a girl." But I say: "What will you do with the girl?" I couldnt understand. She explained something to me but I couldnt understand. You see she explained to me, all right. But then I tried on her, Sahaja Yoga. I must confess that it took lot of time, but it worked, and she became very normal, and she felt like a little girl.
(Public Program, University of NSW, Sydney, February 1992)

Interview on Greek TV

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