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Meditation in Mumbai police station

In Oct 1995, there was a Drug De-Addiction Session organised in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. A person who was refused by Hinduja Hospital on the ground that he will die soon due to heavy consumption of wine on regular basis attended this session. He followed Sahaja Yoga regularly and got cured completely. The same person - Mr. Gharat kaka - further brought all the villagers of Shelghar into  Sahaja Yoga. All villagers who use to consume almost 10 tankers of liquor per day got de-addicted through Sahaj in last few years.
The Sheva police station authorities got completely surprised that how come the liquor consumption got stopped. They invited Sahajayogis and understood how it happened.
Further they requested to arrange the Meditation Session in their Police Station. On 25th August this year, a group of police personnel and few officers got their realisation. The session was conducted about the problems in police personnel daily life and how Sahaj is practical solution for all these problems. Further the in-charge of the police station also got his realisation in his office. Once he understood the importance of Sahajyoga Meditation and how it transforms the people, he immediately asked Sahajyogis to start the regular meditation and foot-soaking practise sessions in the Police Station on every Wednesday morning for next two months.

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Ansh said...

This is all Chaitanya.. JSM