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World Youth Congress

From July 31 till August 13, in Istanbul, Turkey, there was held the 5th World Youth Congress. 10 Yuva Shaktis from different countries (Russia, USA, Australia, Austria and the UK) were invited to take part in it. There were about 1800 people from 162 countries at the Congress. The participation in it was a great opportunity for spreading Sahaja Yoga. The people were open to new information and almost everybody wanted to experience meditation!

Our project was called "Meditate to Regenerate". We prepared banners, brochures, visit cards, CDs with music for meditation. We managed to agree with the organizers of the event to hold four workshops: "Health and Meditation", "Education and Meditation" and 2 workshops "Music and Meditation". During the first week, we participated in an exhibition. Many people got their self-realization at the stalls. There were so many seekers that groups of people got their self-realization and some people were waiting in a queue. We conducted morning meditations for all who wished and different cleaning techniques were shown at them.

We had special T-shirts on which it was written "Meditate to Regenerate". By this, a good advertisement was made to our project. People were keeping asking us about meditation. And, of course, we sang bhajans and kawwalis! During the whole Congress, we were given a chance to perform three times. Turkish Sahaja Yogis came to support all our performances. During the whole Congress there was a very friendly atmosphere, we easily got in touch with new people and they got very interested in Sahaja Yoga!
(Anna B, Russian yuva)

Meditate to Regenerate

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