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We laugh the same way, we smile the same way

We have to know that Sahaja Yogis have to get over all kinds of discrimination and identifications according to races, color or different religions into (which) you are born. Because you are born as a Christian, you do not belong to a church. You were not born in a church, thank God, otherwise all the spirits there would capture you immediately. But these identifications will linger on. To accept anything new, you are to be reborn, and you are reborn now. Now you are dharmatita - means you need not follow any particular type of religion. You are open to all the religions, and all the essence of religions you have to take. You are not to denounce any religion any time, to insult any religion any time, or to insult any religious Incarnation at any time: it's sin, it is a great sin in Sahaja Yoga; any one of them, and you know who they are. There should be no racial understanding of oneself. You could have been a Chinese or you could have been a Negro, you could have been anything. As long as we are all human beings, we should know that we laugh the same way, we smile the same way, we hold the same way. This is all conditioned in our mind of this society that you, some are untouchables, some are touchables: this is in our Indian community - horrible people. Brahminism of India has ruined India completely, and you learn from them.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Guru Puja 1980

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