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Soldier of Love

I am a soldier of love
Not the stupid kind of love
but intelligent love, the love that understands
The love that cares, the love that wants to help evolving

The Mother has given me weapons for my war of love

She has given me forgiveness
Not the tolerant and accepting kind of forgiveness
But forgiveness, which is sincere, forgiveness that does correct
Forgiveness which frees the heart to love, frees the heart to speak

She has given me the gift of knowledge
Not the knowledge gained from books or universities
but knowledge from experiences, knowledge grown from observation
Knowledge, which gives benevolence, knowledge that opens up the mind

But most of all
She has given me a heart with courage
Courage to love without the need for recognition
Courage to forgive without the fear of tolerating wrong
Courage to understand the needs of others, courage to speak the truth

At this time, I’m still in training for my war of love
My weapons still need honing, my marksmanship improvement
My heart has still to grow; my mind needs still expanding

But the battle plan is laid, the purpose of the war is clear

Humanity needs to be conquered
with love, forgiveness and with knowledge

Humanity needs to be conquered
to gain freedom for the hearts and minds and souls

Walter Lerchner

Poet's comment
A meditation on a kind of soldier who fights a war with weapons which build instead of destroy. Weapons, which bring benevolence instead of harm.
The poem will be part of a collection: Realizations - A book of poetic essays about life and human nature

1 comment:

Michael said...

Beautiful and inspiring poem - many thanks.