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Doctor's Conference in New Delhi in 2002

Doctors Conference Delhi 2002 - 1 from Sahaja Library on Vimeo.

part 2

Today's medical problem is that, they cannot cure psychosomatic diseases, for that you don't have to spend many years, as we do for MBBS, it's a very, very, short course if you can do that. Firstly, you should be connected to the Divine force, that's very important, that's not difficult at all, but after that you have to maintain your spiritual abilities. One of our spiritual abilities is innocence, the first chakra that you see is innocence, if you are an innocent person, you can easily cure all such people who are suffering from such incurable diseases. I would say that one should first of all try to get self - realization, that's important, when the Kundalini rises she pierces through the fontanel bone area and you are connected to the Divine force which is all over, you do not believe me but you set your self realization. If you have your self realization then you will be capable to understand what sort of combination your patient has, is he only physically suffering or he has this combination of left side...

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, speaking to the Doctor's Conference at AIIMS, New Delhi, 28/5/2002

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