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Sahaja Yoga in Ireland April 2011

Holy Mother Shri Mataji

We your children have gathered in this ancient Land of Eire to worship you. We come together to invoke your form of Shri Banba, who represents to us the power of Shri Mahakali, to destroy all past negativity that holds the people in self doubt, all the conditioning of religion, guilt and self indulgence. We invoke you in the form of Shri Brigid, who represents to us the power of Shri Mahasaraswati, to awaken in the people of Ireland the divine intelligence and discrimination to abandon false ideas and systems and find pure knowledge in creativity, education, relationships, politics and spirituality. And we invoke you in the form of Eiru, who represents to us the power of Shri Mahalaxmi, and ask that you give all the realised souls in Ireland the power to recognise you, to sustain their enlightenment and establish the culture of Sahaja Yoga and the divine so that this country fully transforms to become a holy land, the home of the Goddess, a part of your new Jerusalem in the Heart of the Universe.

We worship you today in the form of Lord Jesus Christ on this day Easter Sunday, the 24th April 2011 exactly 95 years to the day after the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin on the banks of the River Liffey, where the Irish people rose up against hundreds of years of the oppression and tyranny of the English and finally succeeded in becoming independent. So today when the English have returned, Mother we humbly pray for you to bless this land with a different type of independence and a new type of rising, all united and together again in Love! Lord Jesus rose on this day to show us that we are the Spirit and that Man has to rise above all their so called suffering to become the Spirit.

We humbly request that all other deities be present here today and that they forgive us for any mistakes that we may make and that Shri Ganesha removes all obstacles hindering the success of this puja.

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