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God's Realization

Now, the third thing that troubles Sahaja Yogis is that, Mother we want God's realization - that makes me laugh. You see, it is already there, already there. Like once you get into the sea and you say "Mother, we want to go to the bottom of the sea" - you can always go, just slip, and you will be there. In the same way, once you have developed a kind of a self-realization and have jumped into the ocean of this compassion, there's no need to achieve anything, the sense of achievement, I should be that, I should be this, is all coming from your human haunting. That should be over, now you are Godly people. So you should not think, I should achieve this state, I should achieve that state, but just go on slipping, just giving up all the weights that you have in your heads and it will work out. This is what I have been saying to you that, you have to dissolve yourself into the compassion.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Guru Puja 1996


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