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Maria Montessori style of education

"All right. So for education I've already given instructions and I've already talked about it that we are not to make a big ado out of this Maria Montessori and this and that. We are going to have Sahaja Yoga schools. All nonsense. Because I have seen those who are teaching in Maria Montessori style, the women have become horrible. Was amazed the amount of ego they have developed in themselves. So you become Sahaja Yoga teachers and it's going to be a Sahaja Yoga school. In - Sydney or in Melbourne, we started the school in Melbourne very nicely and now they are going to have it in Sydney the same way. And openly it is a Sahaja Yoga school, there's no fear about it. Openly it's a Sahaja Yoga school, and then people have achieved so much out of it. We - why should we take any garb like that? We should go all out to say, "It's a Sahaja Yoga school." So you, the teachers also become experts in Sahaja Yoga, so they have to be good Sahaja Yogis, Yoginis or Sahaja Yogis. They should not be egoistical, there should be no ego in them, they should not be catching, anybody who's catching is not a good teacher for Sahaja Yoga. It's not like - in a Maria Montessori school that in the night the teacher drinks, smokes and morning time she's a Maria Montessori teacher. Here you have to be a Sahaja Yogini first and then only you can teach in a Sahaja Yoga school. You have to have that quality, that is very important, as it is important that we should get students who are Realized Souls or who can get Realization."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Kartikeya Puja, Germany, 1986 (1986-0713)


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