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"Connected to the mains"

"Now look at this mike, just now it failed, so you understand. If it is not connected to the mains, if it is not at all connected to the mains, it has no meaning, it has no identity. So it has to be connected to the mains. Now what is that mains is? That is the all pervading divine power of love. By saying, "We must love, we must not hate.", it's not going to work out. I can understand. Unless and until you are one with that divine power, you cannot get the power of love. And this is very easy to achieve."
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Programme, Pune, India, 25 Nov 1996

"Within us lies this beautiful power. It's the power of your ascent. In the triangular bone, called as sacrum. That means the Greeks knew that this bone is sacred. You can see with your naked eyes, when it starts pulsating like a heart, this bone, and this Kundalini, this power rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area. It is the actualization of baptism, it is not some priest put his hand on your head. But it's the actualization of your baptism. That means you get connected with this all pervading power. Like this instrument (microphon), if it is not connected to the mains has no meaning, human beings have no meaning because they are not connected to the mains. Once you are connected to the mains, you see the light, and the darkness disappears. As a result of this happening, your spirit starts manifesting. You start feeling this all pervading power on your fingertips. And that, these are, as you know in medical sense, are our sympathetic endings. So you start feeling this on your fingertips, and they become enlightened. In the Koran it is clearly said that, "At the time of your resurrection, Kyama, your hands will speak and will give witness against you".
Public Programme, Paris, France, 12 July 1993

"So they found out through meditative method, not through reading, through mental projections or through imaginations or anything, but through meditative method. First they had to become realized souls. Like in Patanjali as she said it, it's not written clearly but it is said, "First you have to have Ishvar Pranidhan," means you must get your realization first, the God must be established within you. Before that, anything else you do is just artificial. For example now, this thing they have put it here for me to speak, supposing it was not connected to the mains, it would not work, is a very simple thing again I say. Any machinery, this one, if it is not put to the mains it doesn't work. In the same way human beings, who are not connected to the mains, if they start working out they either go to the left or to the right."
C.G. Jung Society Talk, New York, 16 Sept 1983

"Everyone must have the capacity to be connected. And this capacity once starts expressing itself you can't understand how far you can go with yourself. Because all the time this divine energy is flowing in. You never feel tired, you never feel exhausted, you never get angry. You don't have any irritations but you just, you are feeling completely, unless and until you are connected. For example, this instrument is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. In the same way you have no meaning unless and until you are connected with the Divine. Then you know yourself, on the fingertips you know, what's your problem is. You can say, what is your disease, where is the problem in your mind, what is happening to you. And if you know how to correct yourself you can live very happy."
Public Programme, Royal Albert Hall, London, 10 July 1999

"It is that on your central nervous system, when this Kundalini rises and pierces through, She connects you to the main. Like this instrument had to be connected to the mains, otherwise it had no meaning, no identity. In the same way you get connected to that all-pervading vital power. And then you start feeling the vibrations on your hand, of like a cool breeze. When it happens to you, you can ask any question. Like a computer, you ask any question, the answer comes to you, on your finger tips. So to know the truth on your central nervous system. Like we are human beings, all right. We know so many things. But say, there's a dog or a horse if you want to take him through a dirty lane, he'll go away, he won't think about it. But we can't go because our awareness is much higher. But with this we don't do anything wrong, just don't do it, because our awareness becomes much higher. Then comes that in this enlightenment you see everything on your finger tips. You know everything on your central nervous system."
Public Programme, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 12 March 1995

"So to be connected with Christ means, what are the qualities of Christ you have imbibed within yourself? That's the minimum of minimum. What did you get out of His life? Is it that He has cured people, all right, so you should get cured? He gave eyes to people, so you must get your eyes back? Or is it that His life which you have enshrined should also make you something that could be enshrined, that could be respected, that could be called as a reflection of Christ's life? Now let us see His life, how, what kind of a life He lived. We read Bible, this thing, we carry Bible everywhere, and even I saw the Bible in the hotel as if it's a part of the thing like a soap is kept, like this you see. Of course I read it - I don't know how many read it. But then it doesn't become to say you are a Sahaja yogi, if through His connection you have not received any one of His qualities. For example, this is now connected to the mains so you are getting electricity through it. This doesn't give electricity to the mains, but it receives. So you have to receive something from Him, and what you have to receive is the qualities that He had. You might say, "Because, Mother, He was Divine;He was the Son of God." But He was also Son of His Mother, and you are also son of your Mother."
Easter Puja, 22 April 1990, Eastbourne, England

thanks to Ken W for the research

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