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Mr.Anna Hazare

"Man runs around from birth to death ... What for? It is because he wants peace and happiness and he gets lost when he doesn’t get it anywhere. Sahaj Yoga is a real support for these lost souls. So follow Sahaja Yoga." says Mr Anna Hazare, Social Activist.

He expressed this after his realization in public program conducted at his famous (Aadarsh) village named “Ralegon Siddhi”. He also adds:

"Man doesn’t feel happy in his Luxury Vehicle or House because he is searching outside, the true joy is seeking inside and he will get it through Sahaja Yoga meditation for sure. The outside joy is temporary, however the inside joy is stable and sustained for long."

[translation from the Marathi-language newspaper Gavakari (based in Nasik, north Maharashtra) dated August 1, 2001]


amu. said...

This is a very positive piece of news. Anna Hazare has a mass following which goes across barriers of age, education, caste, class , creed , community , language or region. His biggest success has been to motivate masses of Indians to rise in peaceful revolt against the cancre of corruption which was eating away into the progress of the country, affecting the people in every walk of life. He has awakened the masses from their lethargy and made them aware of power in unity.
Today his word can carry weight as people trust him as one who has shown them light.

Maybe, he can now lead the people from the mundane to the sublime !

Maybe, he can now succeed to take people from the
mundane to the sublime !

Heera said...

Now, no looking back.
Divine is going to help Anna Hajare with all its powers.

rocky said...

it s something wow....ww...really good ..thanks to shri mataji that s why was wondering from starting how come mr. anna hazare is so very diffferent i mean so nice thanks ...for this news
may shri mataji bless him with nice meditation

Premsahaji said...

Only a blessed person can stand so firmly to fight against this cancer of Corruption!!! and Anna Hazare is the one that the divine has selected after giving the Self-Realization. If he has recommended for the people to have Sahaja Yoga Meditation, he has advise the ULTIMATE.Yes,Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the finishing touch of all the spiritual activities on earth and THANKS to Annaji for recommending this meditation for the transformation of aa the people from the world of Corruption to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jai Shri Adi-Shakti Mataji.