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"... Iran, you know, is in a great trouble. My attention is very much there and I can't understand what's gone wrong with them, I really can't understand. I would have gone to Iran myself, but now such a thing has happened that I can't go. No use going like that. But things will work out, you will see. It will work out and the country will change. Its all nonsense will be over. As it is they are suffering too much. They are very poor and fundamentalism, it is eating them off. They are all fighting among themselves. This is no religion, this is no Islam, this is not what Mohammed Sahib wanted. It is very difficult to explain to them or to tell them about Islam, that this is Islam, and this is what is the truth."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Cabella, Italy, 1997.   (1997-0906)

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