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No hierarchy in Sahaja Yoga

Now leadership is just hocus-pocus I must tell you.

If somebody says Mother you become the leader I say no (Mother laughs), I know, I know that joke. So it’s a joke, leadership is a joke you see and if you know it’s a joke then only you’ll work it out better.

Because you see it is this, there’s nothing like hierarchy in Sahaja Yoga, as you know we are all one, same. We cannot say that hands are better than feet and the feet is better than this, nothing of the kind. In the same way everything is very important and everything circulates like the blood cells, so we do not say that this blood cell is good and that blood cell is bad or this blood cell is higher, that blood cell is higher, in the same way everybody is circulating, so one should not have any fear.

Also fear of the leader should not be there, there’s no need to fear the leader. If you are on your gravity you keep to it. He will understand you, as long as leader is on the gravity he’ll be there, as soon as you go away, goes away from the gravity he’ll go away himself.

So you stand on your own gravity point and nobody can disturb you, you should have no fear, nothing, nothing to bother in Sahaja Yoga. As it is you are all saints, what is there to bother, the whole Ganas, all the angels, all this all pervading power is looking after you.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk at Shri Ganesha Puja, Perth, Australia, 1992. (1992-0209)

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