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Power in Sahaja Yoga

... when human beings came, they got their freedom. That’s the only, I should say, species which fell into the maya of thinking and of having the ego in them. With this ego, a maya worked on them, I should say, and they forgot about the principle that created this universe – they took it for granted. They felt that this is their own right that they are there, this is their own achievement, and they are the owners of everything.

This started working in their minds so much that they invaded other countries, they destroyed so many people and they never felt bad about it. All their lives they have been thinking about aggressing others, controlling others and doing all kinds of harmful things. But they never even thought or never did an introspection to see that what we are doing is very, very wrong and it should not be done. Because of the freedom they have; such a turmoil in this world and the people who were in charge of affairs, they were very, very cruel and extremely – had no feelings for the other people. And this happened so many times on this earth.

Now Sahaja Yoga has started. Once Sahaja Yoga has started, we have Sahaja Yogis who are now receiving the blessings of the Adi Shakti directly. But still, I must say, amongst Sahaja Yogis also, we don’t have people whom I would call as very well matured. They are Sahaja Yogis, some of them, are just because it’s a fashion, maybe it should be better from their angle, or from their selfish angle, or whatever it is. It is a very wrong thing.

If you are in Sahaja Yoga, you must know now you are responsible for the whole world. You are the only people who have come forward, you are the only people who have achieved something and then, at this juncture, you should behave in a manner that behoves a big saint or a realized soul.

But sometimes you find they are behaving in such a manner, it is shocking sometimes. They have no respect for themselves or for others and their whole attitude is very funny. Some of them are money oriented, some of them are power oriented and those who are power oriented are more dangerous I think than money oriented. Because those who are power oriented try to bring such a bad name to Sahaja Yoga. They are very insulting, dominating and horrible people. Their whole attitude is to achieve power in Sahaja Yoga and they try all tricks to achieve that power.

But for sometime they look alright, but after some time you’ll find, they’ll all disappear from the field of Sahaja Yoga. It’s a very big cleansing process going on. You must understand that you have come in the field of very high consciousness where you are in contact with the divine. Now here if you behave like ordinary people who have no divinity within them, how long will you continue like this? So this is very important that you should try to meditate and evolve yourselves and become really very good Sahaja Yogis.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Adi Shakti Puja, 1998.

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