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The Ether

We are using the ether for example. Ether we use for broadcasting.
We think it’s only electromagnetic, [this] is a wrong idea.
Now when I speak, say, and broadcasting it goes in the ether, it’s the Adi Shakti.
So it governs it. Then it manages things. It can work on your Sahastrara.
It can work on so many Kundalinis. It can work on the nature.
But they are so frightened of me they never allow me to go on the TV. The negative.

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Birmingham, UK, 1985 (1985-0420)

Now this capacity in Him to witness has to be seen in every yogi. The element He controls is ether. We call it Akasha in Sanskrit. This ether now, as you know, we are using for our television, for our radio, for every sort of a collective work. So we have to be in charge of the ether element as yogis. And that is the subtlest of all, in the sense that you permeate everything with that, and is above all. Like plastic also permeates into everything, into matter, into everything up to the air. But it cannot enter into ether. So the negativity cannot enter into ether. So when you enter into your ethereal zone, you actually enter into the area which is thoughtless awareness. So to achieve your ethereal state, you have to expand your thoughtless awareness.
(1983-0828 Shri Krishna Puja)

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