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When I went to America [in 1972], people told me that, “Mother, you better get your copyright.”
I said, “What copyright?”
“You must get copyright, otherwise they will use your words.”
I said, “Let them use it, it’s a very good idea. Why should I take credit for anything? Let them use.”
So they are saying vibrations, they are talking chakras, they are talking this. But what about Kundalini rising? – they can’t do it. They can’t do it. That’s the only point. They are using all my words, if you listen to my lectures long time back, you see, they are using all my words, they are using all my knowledge, everything. But that’s superficial. That’s all superficial. You have to have your Realization. And there is no harm. You take your Realization and you give Realization to others. But if you want to make money with my words, if you want to make an organization with my words, then I can’t help you, I am sorry. That’s it.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, ORF TV interview, Vienna, 1988 (1988-0609)

The tapes are with the Unity Church here, you can buy them. We are also sending twenty one tapes.
[Dr. Warren next to Shri Mataji]: They’re already being copied.
[Shri Mataji]: They are being copied. We have so many tapes in London and you can buy from the gentleman, we don’t have to bother about money part, I mean, we are not bothered. Only thing, as he must, they must have told you, a little problem with our trustees, that you have to just say that we have the copyright, that’s all. We are not bothered as to what you charge and what you do it. So you can buy the tapes as you like and you can listen to them and enjoy them.
Lecture in Houston, Texas, 1981 (1981-1007)

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