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The following Mantras and texts appeared in earlier editions of the Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book, but are not in the latest edition (8th). Many of these texts appeared in several editions (eg 4th-7th); the latest edition to include a text is noted in bold.
7th refers to the published 7th edition; 'draft 7th' refers to the earlier draft text circulated in Feb 2012. 

The Ideal Wise Guru  1st

The 108 holy names of Shri Gauri (Shri Kundalini)   draft 7th
Shri Bhumi Devi Vandana  7th
Prayer to Shri Bhumi Devi  7th

Shri Saraswati Vandana  7th
The 84 holy names of Shri Afric'eshwari   draft 7th

The 21 holy names of Hazrat-Ali   draft 7th

The 108 holy names of Hazrat Fatima Az-Zahra  draft 7th
The 10 holy petals of Nabhi Chakra  4th
Prayer to Shri Annapurna  4th
O Mother Anna Purneshwari  4th

The 108 holy names of Shri Raja Lakshmi  draft 7th
Prayer to Shri Raja Lakshmi  7th
Prayer to Shri Santana Lakshmi  7th

Praise to Shri Vishnu  7th

Kavach of Shri Shiva  draft 7th
Tad Nishkala by Shri Adi Shankaracharya  7th

Shri Rama Jayam  4th

Shri Devi Atharva Shirsham  7th
Devi Suktam (Aparajita Hymn)  7th
Prayer to the Devi  7th
Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd  7th

The 21 names of Shri Vithala-Rukmini  draft 7th
64 holy powers of the Virata  7th

Our Mother's Prayer  7th
The 51 names of Shri Mahalakshmi  4th
The 21 holy names of Shri Buddha  draft 7th
Shri Mataji's Advice on Ekadesha Rudra problems  7th 

Prayer to Shri Raja-raj'eshwari  7th
The 21 holy names of Hazrat al-Mahdi  7th
Prayer to the Divine Mother  7th
Prayer to Shri Shiva-Shakti  7th
Twameva Mata (You are the Mother)  7th
Sabako Dua Dena (Arti to Shri Mataji)  7th
We bow to Thee, Shri Mataji  4th

Techniques for clearing the left side  7th

The 108 holy qualities of Shri Hanumana  7th
Shri Maruti (Hanumana) stotra  7th
The 55 holy names of Shri Surya  draft 7th
Treatments for an over-active right side  7th

The Shakti Pithas  7th
Shri Shodash'akshari Vidya Mantra  draft 7th
The fourteen Nadis  draft 7th
The ten Siddhis  draft 7th
Prayer to Shri Lalit'amba (who is Herself the Shri Chakra)  draft 7th
Aum Shanti Patha (Prayer for Peace)  draft 7th
Aum Shanti Mantra  7th
Prayer to the Almighty  7th
Prayer to Mother  7th
Morning prayer  7th
Prayer for the Heart  7th
Prayer for the Agnya  7th
Like a dust particle  7th
To My flower children  7th
I see a mountain  7th
Shri Mataji on Meditation  7th
Meditation at Shudy Camps, UK  7th
Shri Mataji's Advice at Chelsham Road ashram  7th
Are you progressing well?  7th
Guide to perfection  4th
You can become thoughtless  7th
Mantras against rakshasas  1st

Publishing history:
1st, 1989
2nd, 1992
3rd, 1993 (revised 1995)
4th, 2001
5th, 2008
6th, 2010
7th, 2012
8th, 2019

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