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English site:
This is a fantastic website. many thanks (UK yogi/website designer)
I always enjoy reading your blog. (New Zealand yogi)
This blog is amazing! great work! thank you! (Canadian yogini)
Oh, yes! That Sahaj A-Z its a really great thing (East European yogini)
cool site! (Swiss yogi)
Your website with encyclopedia, we love it in France (French yogini/author)
That page [on Alcohol] is a very good initiative! (Australian yogi)
I just read your blog and I love it (New Zealand yogini)
Thanks for the compilation [on Alcohol] ... great work (US yogi/e-learning specialist)
Great site! very informative! (Australian yogi)
It's amazing! is so rich, so deep, so luminous... fantastic! (French yogini)
Thank you for your Sahaj A-Z site, it is very helpful (Romanian yogini)
... to have your research at our fingertips. Feels great to have a huge wealth of references! (South American yogi)
Am very pleased to see your relay of our Gnostic past (American yogini)
This is a wonderful website, very informative (American yogini)
Great Sahaj site! (Italian yogi)
Very interesting site with lots of spiritual gems (
Great site! very informative (stumbleupon)
Well done! Keep up the excellent work. (South African yogi)
I love your Sahaj websites they are an amazing resource. Congratulations! (Austrian yogi)
Thanks for all your work on the blogs, they are really an invaluable wealth of information for all of us. (French yogini)
Everything you wanted to know in easy A-Z format! (
I just finished looking at your blog and I must say it is one of the best ones if not the most excellent one. You deserve a lot of praise for your work. (Greek yogi)
Thank you! One of my difficulties is that I remember of the theme, or the words of Mother, or the pictures, but never remember where exactly I read or saw them! Thank you for your sahaj a-z! (Brazilian yogi)
My wife and I just love your SY encyclopedia. Good job! (American yogi)
Just want to let you know what a great service your A to Z site is! Thank you for all the work you have put in. (Australian yogini)
Thanks a lot for your useful work on SY. May Shri Mataji give you force, wisdom and all resources to continue! (West African yogi)
Your site is fantastic! I love it! (New Zealand yogini)
Very much appreciate your blog, set it to my homepage some months back (English yogini)
An outstanding collection of sahaj topics featuring articles in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. (Canadian yogini)
I really love your blog and show it to yogis in America. It's really great how you put new excerpts and materials every day. It helps me feel even more connected to HHSM and her vision. I'm writing to thank you for your tireless efforts. (American yogini)
Brilliant Sahaj resource website (French yogini)
Thank you for working on Sahaj A-Z, it's really impressive both in English and in other languages. (Canadian yogini)
A site full of information from quotations of Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga and great Savante. (Digg)
I have seen your encyclopedia from time and time and I have always enjoyed it. (American yogini/writer)
Ce site est vraiment génial et très bien fait. Grand merci. (French yogi)
I wanted to thank you for this blog. You have put in a lot of hard work and regular effort. Thanks for all this buddy. Jai Shri Mataji. Hope to explore more and more from this blog. Thanks. (Indian yogi)
Sahaj-az is one of my favorite blogs. It is so advanced and open. It satisfies different stages of seeking, and delicately boosts seekers. My heartfelt bow to your efforts. (Canadian yogini)
I think this was one blog that i was looking for.. thanks a tonne.... all my doubts are slowly getting cleared.... (yogi)
Would like to express here that it is very joyful to read your A-Z blog (yogini)
Thanks to your postings, the meaning of some SY spiritual experiences I was going through the last year, became clear to me. Special thanks for your blog! (yogini)
Thanks to you for giving all this on one portal ... a beautiful and gracious effort of the Swadisthana. (Indian yogi)
Thanks - you do so much great work for us. We are blessed to have such a fine and meticulous scholar amongst us. Much appreciated as always. (yogi)
You make a great job with the sahaj blog. (Romanian yogi)
I really enjoy sahaj A-Z...thanks a lot. (Indian yogi)
I really admire your work, academically and Sahaja wise. Unfortunately, research standards we experience in Western countries are beyond the imagination of Sahaja Yogis, esp in left sided countries like India, South American ones, East European ones where yogis will take more liberty with fact & quality in favor of passion. (American yogi)
I've got to take my hat off to you for the way this blog is developing, now a vital resource for the Sahaja Yogis. (American yogi)
Magnifique et si riche blog. (French yogi)
Came across Sahaj A-Z a few months ago. Its really wonderful. As all these years i was desiring to get something like this. Thanks a lot. (American yogini)
Blog merveilleux (French yogini)
Of course i am a fan of Sahaj A-Z...i cannot live without it! (American yogini on facebook)
So many great things to read on that site. (American yogini, also on facebook)
Sahaj a-z seems to give the knowledge at the time what is going on in collective consciousness. It is a collective journey and when we come to know how much we are all one and are together we feel immense joy and love, which so pure and Divine. (English yogini)
One of the best blogspot (facebook)
Great site! (Indian yogi)
And please thank John Noyce, if you know him personally. His website, books have spread so much knowledge and joy around the globe. We frequently go to Sahaj A-Z, our sahaj encyclopedia. (Indian yogini)
Its really Awesome because it has almost everything regarding our problems. (Indian yogini on fb)
It is really really Awesome (another Indian yogini on fb)
Thank you for your clarity, courage and conviction John. A source of strength and succor. Great to see the flow of info on the internet. (US yogini)
A-Z is kind of dispensary for us...where we can come and per our state get our treatment by the Supreme Doctor...Doctor of all Doctors. (Indian yogi)
You are by far the most meticulous scholar and historian of Sahaj matters we have internationally and many rely on you for the facts - unadorned with opinion or personal prejudice. (Australian yogi)
The Sahaj A-Z site is awesome ..i love it :) (American yogi)
Amazing work from your side. May mother bestow all her blessings. You have been such a wonderful instrument for all of us to listen and collect her nirmal vanis. Thank you so so much. (UAE yogini)
Sahaj A-Z helped me a lot :))) Thanks John. Very thoughtful and persistent work that helps for future of Sahajayoga. (English yogini)
I'm reading through some things on the sahaj a-z at the moment. I haven't been on that site for ages. It's really an amazing thing you're making there. (Australian yogi)
Many many thanks for your great contributions in spreading of Divine messages of Shri Mataji and about Her Sahaja Yoga. Your blog Sahaja A-Z is most visited and Sahajayogois all over the world take guidance from various links given there. I have been a regular visitor of your blog and downloaded most of useful topics for me. Ii's fantastic work. Thank you again. (Indian yogi)
Thank you for your contribution and work on the A to Z encyclopedia, a priceless tool for Sahaja Yoga collective. (South American yogini)

Portuguese site
Muito boa a idéia do blog! Precisamos mesmo de uma enciclópédia Sahaja, em português!
(Very nice idea this blog! We do need a Sahaj Encyclopedia, in Portuguese!) (Brazilian yogi)

Spanish site
Un excelente blog en español donde se recogen varios extractos de las charlas que ha dado Su Santidad Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (facebook)

Polish site
On behalf of all Sahaja Yogis from Poland, i would like to say thank you!, thank you for letting us to be a part of Blog Sahaj A-Z.

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