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The Permeating Personality

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"So that is how we have to take a mode by which we should think of 'One Personality, 'All of us together, all of us together.' And anybody who tries to be something separate or different, he will drop out. ... Everybody must do whatever they like to nurture the Whole, to help the Whole, to help the whole, to emancipate the Whole. But NOT to- in anyway - put anyone down always. Because this is not the way the Sahaja Yoga is. Sahaja Yoga only works in collectivity. And the one who has developed this permeating spirit, is a real Sahaja Yogi. Who has not, is not!
Whatever you may think of yourself, I have nothing to say, but this Permeating Personality which moves from places to places, whether you talk or not. Like your Mother is. Whether I meet you or not, makes no difference, but I am permeating through All of you, by little, little things also I am there with you. So like that, try to permeate into each other and see the Beauty in you. Enjoy yourself the best because that is the biggest thing. That's the biggest thing that is to be achieved. Because this ego you know makes you like a nutshell and it just cannot have a rapport with that Beauty of Permeation and just see how the notes move into each other... Sahaja Yogi should permeate - like Music."
(Shri Saraswati Puja, Dhulia, India, 14/1/83)

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