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Alcohol and the saints

“All the saints in the world have said that alcohol is very dangerous for life. The reason is that it goes against our awareness, this is a fact, you know that after taking a drink our awareness becomes blurred or excited, it is not normal, that’s the reason they said no.”
(H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 2nd Sydney Talk, 27/3/81)

"An earthen pot full of nectar and a gold vessel full of wine. Think a while and decide what will you opt for."

"Even if wine is made from the water of the Ganges, O Saints, do not drink it."
(Ravidas, Guru Granth, p1293)

"Those who are deluded by sensual pleasures ... and enjoy wine are corrupt."
(Kabir, Guru Granth, p335)

"Cannabis, wine, all wear off in the morning.
But the intoxication of Naam [the Lord's Name] stays day and night forever."
(Guru Nanak, Guru Granth )

"One who trades in this Nectar [Divine Bliss] - how could he ever love the wine of the world?
(Guru Nanak, Guru Granth , p360)

"They question thee about wine and games of chance; say: in both is great sin and some profits for men; but the sin of them is greater than their usefulness."
(Qur'an 2:219).

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