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Global Attention

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"So now our attention should be global. If Sahaja Yogis put their attention, you see, global, you don't know your powers, how important it is. Just put your attention now, say, to South Africa in the Natal where they are having all these problems of suppression. It will help - very much help, you don't know. Things will subside because through you this all-pervading power, paramchaitanya, will focus itself there. You are the one who can focus. You should have your global attention there and you should see for yourself very serious problem. I'm doing on My own whatever is possible. For that you must read newspapers, but not all the nonsense of the newspaper, but see where is the problem is, what is happening. Because you're in Sydney , but you're responsible for the whole world. Wherever you are, you are responsible for the whole world."
(Talk at Picnic in Lane Cove River Park, near Sydney, Australia, 5/4/94)

“But it is important for you to know, that now you're not an individual but you have become a global personality, a global personality. You are not an individual, you are a global personality and sitting down here, you are working out all the global problems. You are not a small person now, who is only worried about your own children, about your family, about this and that - no. This mind of yours has expanded - expanded like this that it works automatically for all the problems of the world. You know for a woman, I read newspapers, especially women seldom read newspapers; they think it is stupidity to read newspapers. But I read and I read those where my attention is needed. I've seen it works, but all of you put together, if you understand, that it is your responsibility to correct all the destructive forces, to put them right, you just have to collectively meditate on the points where you find there is a big problem. Now the problem mainly is because of religions.”
(Easter Puja, Istanbul, Turkey, 1994)

Witness the Spark

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