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Sahaja yogis and society

So a Sahaja yogi is not a person who is just a sort of lives without any connection with the society, with the politics, with all that is happening. He has to be seeing all those things that are happening. He must read newspaper if not in the morning, in the evening time. Means, he must know what is happening. He must put his attention to all these things. Only putting attention to things, it works out. I have done that all the time. Even Hitler lost his success because of that attention. So one has to know that you have that attention that can work. That can really create what you want. But you must keep your attention alert. Not only limited to yourself. Not only up to say, ‘India tour’. Or we can say up to ‘Bhajans’. But must go beyond and put your attention everywhere, what’s happening. Supposing you go to any other country try to find out what is happening in this country, in that country what is happening. Because now you are international people and you have to bother about everything that’s happening in this world because we have to change everything, we have to transform everything. It’s a hazardous task. But I have done the biggest job, is to create the roots for you that you have been, you have become now the sprouted people, or we can say the elevated people, the special selected people. And now you cannot live like other ordinary stupid people. You have to be alert. You have to understand your responsibility. And every Sahaja yogi in this tour has to take a vow that 'I have to be responsible for Sahaja Yoga.'

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, addressing the western yogis, Brahmapuri, India, 20/12/88

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